Golf Cart Accidents

Golf is the sport of kings.  South Florida has some of the best golf courses in the world and our golfing season is virtually year round.  However, each year golf cart accidents are responsible for causing serious personal injuries and unfortunately, wrongful death.  If we think about it golf carts can go pretty quickly yet they are not equipped with seatbelts and often times they are operated by people who have consumed alcohol on a golf course that is being served by vendors on the golf course for profit.  Whether we like it or not this can be a very dangerous situation.

We have been involved with handling many golf cart related accidents over the years.  The good news is that, in general,  there is usually adequate insurance coverage for golf cart accidents involving carts owned by a course and private golf cart owners are usually well off and have homeowner’s insurance that covers a golf cart accident.  We have handled cases involving head-on collisions on golf cart paths, cases where maintenance vehicles on golf courses collide with golf carts operated by players, collisions where golf carts attempt to cross public roads where there is a visual obstruction at the intersection or when there is a lack of proper traffic control devices.

Unfortunately, some people consume alcohol on the golf course and operate golf carts while intoxicated.  Often times more than one person can be responsible for a golf cart accident. The operator of a golf cart often times has homeowner insurance that can be a source of recovery.  However, the owner of the golf cart, that is commonly a golf resort or a golf cart leasing company is equally responsible under Florida law through a doctrine known as the dangerous instrumentality doctrine. The dangerous instrumentality doctrine holds the owner of a golf cart responsible for all damages caused by the operation of the golf cart even if they did not do anything negligent.  The dangerous instrumentality doctrine makes the owner responsible simply because the owner entrusts the golf cart to that individual causes an accident.  Taking it one step further, the owner of the golf cart does not have to suspect that the person that they loan a golf cart to is going to cause an accident or has a bad driving record. It is the mere ownership of the golf cart and entrustment of the golf cart somebody that causes an accident that creates liability.

We have been successful recovering against both the operators of the golf cart as well as a golf resorts many times in the past where the driver may have limited insurance coverage and our client has suffered significant personal injuries in a golf cart accident.  Sometimes these accidents involve neck or back injuries that require surgery.  Other cases have involved individual that have been thrown from golf carts in crashes that have suffered leg or arm injuries that that require either knee surgery or elbow surgery.

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