What if an Accident Happens on my Cruise?

What if an Accident Happens on my Cruise?

The first thing to remember, if an accident happens on your cruise vacation, is not to panic. Seek help from crew members if necessary, and follow instructions carefully. Report to your assigned muster station if required, and try to avoid causing additional problems or delays with excessive questions or noncompliance.

No one anticipates an accident disrupting their vacation, and the truth is accidents involving cruise ships are exceedingly rare when compared to the hundreds of sailings that offer fabulous getaways to thousands of passengers each month. With common sense precautions, most accidents can be avoided and disruptions kept to a minimum so that everyone can enjoy their vacation.

Types of incidents include:

  • Fires in contained areas that do not affect passenger cabins or public areas. Usually these are in the galley or engineering areas of the ship.
  • Running aground in shallow waters, a particularly prominent hazard for river cruises or ships sailing along the Amazon.
  • Collisions with piers in different ports of call that cause minor damage to hulls or stabilizer fins. These incidents may cause delays or missed destinations.

How Passengers are Compensated

When cruise accidents occur, cruise lines make every effort to help passengers continue to enjoy their vacation through various compensations, such as:

  • Relocating passengers to unaffected cabins.
  • Offering full or prorated refunds.
  • Offering credits and discounts on future cruises.
  • Providing vouchers for free drinks, photographs, or souvenirs.
  • Providing alternative transportation if relocation is unavailable.

The type and amount of compensation is entirely up the cruise line’s discretion, and judgments are often made based on the type of incident, the magnitude of the passengers’ disruption, and the ability to make immediate restitution. However, if you are badly injured in one of these events, you may be entitled to much more compensation and should consult an attorney experienced in cruise accident litigation.

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