Construction Accidents

Here in South Florida, it seems like there’s a construction project on every single street, around every single corner. Either it’s a new house going up or it’s a high-rise going up in a downtown area. Unfortunately in a lot of these job sites accidents occur because people are not following safety rules. These cases … Continue reading “Construction Accidents”

Meet Aaron Rothenberg

Hi, I’m Aaron Rothenberg, I’m an attorney at Coffey Trial Law. I have dedicated my life to helping those people when they’re at their most vulnerable moments. I’m a South Florida native, I speak Spanish and Portuguese, I love the people down here and I love the culture. I am proud to be a member … Continue reading “Meet Aaron Rothenberg”

Meet Sean Goldstein

Hi, my name is Sean Goldstein, I’m an attorney here at Coffey Trial Law. My passion is helping people who have been devastated by an accident through no fault of their own. My local passion is working with the boys and girls club and I’ve got my entire family involved in supporting their activities. Here … Continue reading “Meet Sean Goldstein”

Litigating Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Cases

Coffey Trial Law has handled a significant number of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) cases. Ask Sam Coffey how Coffey Trial Law can help represent you in the court room. If you or someone you know needs a brain injury attorney, we encourage you to contact Sam Coffey today! Your initial consultation is free of charge.

Who is Sam Coffey?

Sam Coffey is a personal injury lawyer practicing in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Sam has practiced law for about 18 years, handling personal injury and wrongful death cases, as well as a number of others. Have you suffered from a personal injury? Contact Coffey Trial Law today and set up your initial consultation – free of … Continue reading “Who is Sam Coffey?”

Choosing a Lawyer

Sam Coffey talks about his own experiences in trial over the course of his eighteen-plus years. Experience matters when choosing a lawyer. Cases like catastrophic injury, wrongful death, and spinal cord and brain injury require an accomplished attorney like Coffey Trial Law. If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury, Coffey Trial … Continue reading “Choosing a Lawyer”