Diminished Value Claim Get Your Money Back

Diminished Value Claim

Diminished Value After Car Accident

Diminished value claims can mean more money in your pocket after a car crash if the there driver is at fault.  If you have been in a car accident and the other driver damages your car then their insurance company should pay to repair your vehicle. However, once your vehicle is repaired it is worth far less than it was immediately before the accident.  This is loss in value and you are entitled to money if the other driver is at fault for the accident in addition to the cost of the repair for your vehicle.

Requirements for a Diminished Value Claim:

  1. You do not lease the car. This only applies to owned cars regardless of whether you have a loan.
  2. You did not cause the accident.
  3. The car is less than 10 years old.

Today, Carfax reports document major damage to vehicles and buyers use these reports when they value your car and determine how much it is worth.  This diminished value of your car is something that you are entitled to collect from the person that hit you and their insurance company in many cases. We can help you get the diminished value of your car or truck if you have been in an accident where you were not at fault and you own your car. In many instances we have recovered greater than $5000 for our clients that they otherwise did not know they were entitled to three diminished value claim.

We handle every diminished value claim on a pure contingency fee basis which means there is no fee or cost to you unless we get you a recovery.  Best of all, our appraiser will come to you regardless of where you live in Florida to estimate the diminished value of your vehicle.

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