Legal Fees

How much do you charge for legal fees?

Our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you do not pay a dime if we lose your case. No matter how many hours we spend on your case, you will never pay us a fee if we lose.

Offering to potentially work for free may sound strange, but it is actually quite common. Most lawyers operate on a contingency basis because they only take claims they have total faith in. Hiring a firm that works on a contingency fee basis means that you get the benefit of a lawyer who specializes in these types of claims with no upfront cost.

The first thing Coffey Trial Law does after you contact us is schedule a time to sit down and thoroughly discuss your claim in detail. This initial consultation is completely free regardless of whether you end up working with our firm. After we know the full picture, one of our attorneys may offer to represent you.

If one of our attorneys asks to represent your claim, that means we are confident we can win your case. We are so confident that we can win, that we are willing to forgo payment if we lose. This is what it means to work on contingency.  

What fees do I pay if Coffey Trial Law wins the case?

We want to be upfront about our fees so you do not feel blindsided at the end of your case. Our fees will be a percentage of the amount you receive from your settlement or through a judge’s award. The percentage we charge varies depending on the amount of time and work it takes to resolve your claim.

If we resolve your claim without filing in court: Coffey Trial Law charges a 33.33 percent fee if we are able to resolve your claim without taking it to trial. This happens when the initial negotiations are successful and the other party agrees to pay you a fair settlement.

If we resolve your claim after filing in court: Coffey Trial Law charges a 40 percent fee if we resolve your claim after filing in court. The fee is higher to reflect the increased costs of getting a claim ready for the courtroom.

For example, our attorneys may need to hire expert witnesses or complete accident reconstruction to prove your claim is valid. Furthermore, taking a case to court might require our attorneys spend weeks in front of a jury convincing it that you should win the case.   

If the other party immediately admits fault after we file the lawsuit: In some cases, we file a lawsuit but never see the inside of a courtroom. This often occurs when the other side admits he was 100 percent at fault directly after we file the suit. If this is the case, Coffey Trial Law will charge our standard 33.33 percent fee.

If we need to file an appeal: In some cases, Coffey Trial Law may not be able to win your case. When this happens, you have the option to appeal the judge’s decision to a higher court and present your argument again. If Coffey Trial Law wins your case on appeal, our legal fees may further increase by five percent.

If we resolve your claim against the State of Florida: If you are suing the State of Florida and Coffey Trial Law wins your claim, our fees will only be 25 percent.

Remember, if we agree to represent you that means that we are so confident that we will win, that we are willing to work for free if we lose. To find out if Coffey Trial Law can help you, call 954-541-3194 to schedule your free consultation. We would love to sit down with you and discuss your case. And remember, this case evaluation is free and you have no obligation to use our services.