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Every business must consider the cost of business disputes and lawsuits that can effect business productivity and your bottom line. Disputes can consume your time and money and are bad for business. However, sometimes, they can be a matter of survival for your business. An experienced business litigation attorney can be the answer to achieving a quick and fair resolution. Coffey Trial Law finds efficient, cost effective resolutions to our clients’ business disputes. We represent businesses throughout South Florida and we can help you better understand the legal implications of your conflict, protect your best interests, right wrongs, and get you back to work.

Business Litigation

Building and running a successful business in Florida is complicated enough without business disputes: Planning ahead by obtaining legal advice may save you trouble in the future. Being represented by an effective business litigation attorney during business disputes is key to protecting your best interests, your employees, your customers, and your shareholders.

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Protecting Your Rights


  • Contract Disputes and Breach of Contract – If someone fails to honor the terms of a contract, it can have serious financial consequences and disrupt your business. You may be entitled to damages for breach of contract.
  • Partnership Disputes – Conflicts between business partners can be complicated. If your partner has breached a partnership agreement or you are being sued over an agreement, Coffey Trial Law can help.
  • Shareholder Disputes – Shareholder disputes can be complex. Shareholder conflicts often require the assistance of a seasoned business law attorney.
  • Licensing Disputes – Licensing agreements can be mutually beneficial to all parties. However, if and when a disagreement arises about the terms of the licensing agreement, it is important to know your legal rights and the potential remedies.
  • Trademark Disputes – Have you worked hard to build your business brand? Have your work efforts been compromised by a trademark conflict? Your corporate goodwill, corporate identity, trade name, product names, logos, and other trademarks can be some of your most valuable assets. Protect your rights.
  • Trade Secret Disputes – You have developed business strategies that provide a competitive advantage over your competitors. Has a trade secret been stolen by a former employee or competitor? The consequences can be financially devastating. You may be entitled to injunction and money damages.

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