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Hard working people just like you are injured in industrial accidents everyday. Amazingly, over 1,000 people die annually – in the United States alone! – due to industrial accidents. Thousands more are injured each year from industrial accidents.

Some industrial accident injuries are minor, while others are catastrophic. Overseas, the accident rates are much higher because our strict labor laws and standards, imposed by OSHA, are not mandatory. In South Florida and across the United States, industrial accident injuries are usually due to the negligence of one or more companies as a result of how they are operating and doing business. Often times, it is the simple failure to follow safety standards set forth by OSHA that causes an industrial accident. Other times, it is a failure to provide proper training to employees.

You are not alone if your are the victim of an industrial accident. By calling a South Florida industrial accident lawyer, you will be able to fight for the maximum monetary compensation that you deserve.



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Experience matters. The attorneys at Coffey Trial Law, have successfully recovered millions of dollars for our clients involved with industrial accidents. Your case is unique, and our knowledge and experience working with labor laws, OSHA regulations, local law-enforcement, as well as our knowledge of many of the South Florida industrial operations, are just a few of the reasons to higher the attorneys at Coffey Trial Law. We take on complex industrial accident cases, and you will not pay a penny unless we win a recovery for you in your case because we work on a contingency fee basis. This is our guarantee to you. Be confident that we will develop a roadmap, so you will understand how the process works, to obtain for you the maximum financial recovery possibly due for your industrial injury accident.

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