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Each cruise season, tens of thousands of people set out on the vacation of a lifetime upon the high seas, to visit exotic ports of call. Unfortunately, many cruise passengers return from their trip after they have been injured. We have spoken to passengers that have been the victims of medical negligent by cruise ship doctors, have been sexually assaulted by crew members, have suffered an injury on an excursion, or simply slipped and fallen on a slippery pool deck where many cruise passengers have fallen on prior voyages.

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It is vital to contact an attorney as early as possible when you have been injured on a cruse ship because the time to sue the cruise line is extremely short since the cruise line will insert a shortened statute of limitations into the cruise contract. Further, most cruise lines require a suit to be filed in the Untied States Federal District Court in Miami, Florida. We have successfully represented residents across the United States for accidents that have occurred in far away regains, like an Alaskan cruise that sails out of the pacific northwest for example. The cruise line is responsible for your safety. If you have been injured on a cruise ship, it is important that you seek immediate medical care and report the incident to the cruise line representatives. Take photographs if possible, and get the names and addresses of any witnesses – even if they live across the country. This will be invaluable evidence to prove your claim. Finally, contact an experienced cruise ship lawyer as soon as practicable.

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If your loved one has been injured or died from a cruise related accident, you should be aware that there is a legal deadline for filing such a claim. Therefore, you should contact an experienced attorney immediately.


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Saving lives, saving ships, saving the environment

Stellar Daisy: Liquefaction suspected

Often, when vessels capsizes, there is not enough time to say “Oh, f*&k”. Stellar Daisy, a 24-year old Very Large Ore Carrier vanished with minutes of sending a standard daily report. At this time, only two of the ship’s 24 officers and crew have been found alive. Two empty lifeboats and a liferaft, ship’s debris [...]...Read Entire Article
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Switching to Paid Subscription Only

Rather like Britain’s excellent NHS we had hoped to make MAC available free at the point of delivery. It was a business model that depended on financial support from the industry. It is not a practical business model for the maritime industry, although it has been successful elsewhere. From 15 May MAC will only be [...]...Read Entire Article
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Mobile MAC on the move

New apps or Android and IOS are on their way. Our current MAC apps will be replaced so MAC is wherever you are. In the words of the song:...Read Entire Article
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Toxic Leader – Toxic Culture: The Death of the Bow Mariner Part 2

Tagle followed Captain Kavaoras, Chief Engineer Anasthasiou and the rest of the group to the winch deck on the starboard side. For a moment he covered his eyes. When he looked up, the rest had gone over the side. There was a third explosion and someone called to him in Tagalog to jump. Tagle jumped into the water. As the ship listed an estimated 30 degrees, Electrician Bactat, with a second group, made his way to the starboard winch deck and simply walked into the water. He found a piece of wood and clung to it....Read Entire Article
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Toxic Leader – Toxic Culture: The Death of the Bow Mariner Part 1

90 minutes after Third Officer Lugen Ortilano sent that distress call, the 174 metre long chemical tanker Bow Mariner was 77 metres down on the bottom of the Atlantic, 53.5 nautical miles off the Virginia coast. Twenty-one of her 27 crew were dead or dying. More than thirteen and a half million litres of ethyl alcohol, 864 thousand litres of heavy fuel oil and 216 thousand litres of diesel had entered the ecosystem leaving a trail of pollution two and a half kilometres by 56 kilometres....Read Entire Article
Posted: March 26, 2017, 8:38 am

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