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Property and casualty insurance is supposed to cover your property in the event of damage, often after severe weather or theft. But even with the right type of coverage, some policyholders find they struggle to recover the compensation they are due under their policy.

Dishonest insurance firms may try to limit or deny a claim, arguing that the damage is not covered under the policy or citing a loophole in the policy that lets them deflect liability. Unfortunately, getting insurance companies to live up to the terms of the policy can be difficult.

It can be tempting to accept the insurance company’s settlement offer so you can start paying for your damages, but we urge you not to agree to a settlement prematurely. Get help from a property and casualty insurance claims lawyer in Fort Lauderdale at Coffey Trial Law. We have more than 20 years of combined experience helping South Floridians fight stubborn insurance carriers to get the maximum compensation rightfully due to them under their policy. We work with:

  • Public adjusters
  • Property managers
  • Association boards
  • Individual property owners

What does property and casualty insurance cover?

Property and casualty insurance policies are contracts between the policyholder and insurance company. Policyholders pay their premiums and insurers agree to pay claims for damage covered under the policy. These policies provide coverage for the damaging effects of:

  • Hurricanes
  • Floods
  • Water damage
  • Mold
  • Storms
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Hail

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always live up to their end of the deal and violate their contract with the policyholder, refusing to pay for coverage the policyholder purchased. The exact coverage available will depend on the policy. The insurance company is an expert on each insurance policy, but unfortunately, many policyholders are not experts on their own policies. We take a microscope to each policy to identify all of the terms and coverage that the policyholder is due. This lets us even the playing field to recover maximum compensation.

What excuses do insurance companies use to avoid paying a claim?

We see it all the time — an accident happens, a property and casualty insurance policy should kick in, but the insurance company makes excuses as to why they do not have to pay what policyholders expect. Here are a few excuses they might use to refuse payout:

  • You did not try to prevent additional damage from occurring
  • You did not pay your premiums on time
  • You did not fully cooperate with the insurance company
  • The loss did not occur during the coverage period
  • You are not covered for the particular type of loss
  • You are not accurately valuing your costs or losses

Such excuses are not uncommon in the insurance industry, where insurers try to limit their payouts to keep costs low. It is important to address these excuses directly to prove that they are false and invalid. To do this, we fully investigate the claim, collect documentation to prove entitlement to compensation, and build the case under the terms of the policy. We will work with the insurance company directly or litigate the case if necessary to get fair compensation.

What are bad faith insurance practices?

An insurer acts in bad faith when it violates the agreements it has with policyholders. Insurers are not acting in bad faith just because they deny your claim or because you do not agree with their assessment of your claim.

But unfortunately, bad faith is not uncommon. Here are just a few examples of bad faith.

  • Delaying an investigation or not investigating at all
  • Misrepresenting the terms of the policy
  • Refusing to communicate with the policyholder
  • Threatening the policyholder
  • Refusing payment on a valid claim or paying less than what is owed

In circumstances like this, victims can feel like the world is against them and there is nothing they can do to right the ship. If you feel like your insurer denied benefits that you deserve, then you need to partner with a winning team of attorneys. Whether the insurer is acting in bad faith or not, we find our diligent and clear communication coupled with our effective legal argument helps reach fair resolutions when insurers are not acting fairly. And when they still refuse to pay the claim, we file a lawsuit to bring the case before the court.

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At Coffey Trial Law, we hold insurance companies fully accountable for the coverage their policyholders are due under the terms of their policy. As a policyholder, know that you have a right to:

  • A fair settlement
  • Appeal a delay, denial, or lowball settlement offer
  • Know why your claim was denied
  • Be treated respectfully

We work with public adjusters, property managers, association boards, and individual property owners. And you pay nothing for representation. If your insurance company denies your claim and you later get compensation by filing a lawsuit, the insurer pays for attorney’s fees and costs on top of the benefits it owes you. And if the insurer offers you a lowball settlement and we recover even one dollar more than their offer by filing a lawsuit, then the insurer is responsible for attorney’s fees and costs too. We will represent you with no upfront cost.

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