Hail Damage Insurance Claims Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale

Weather in Florida can be unpredictable. When a severe storm hits, raindrops can quickly turn into hard-hitting hailstones. These hailstones damage homes, cars, businesses, and other property all across the state. The cost to repair hail damage can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, recovering the compensation you are due is often much more difficult than it should be.

If you are having trouble getting your insurer to cover your hail damage, speak with a hail damage insurance claims lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. The team at Coffey Trial Law has assisted countless clients with insurance claims resulting from hail damage and is ready to help you. Call today: 954-541-3194.

Does my insurance policy cover hail damage?

Whether your policy covers hail damage will depend on the property damaged as well as your policy type.

Auto Insurance

Basic auto insurance will not cover hail damage; however, if you added on comprehensive coverage, your policy should cover any hail damage your car sustains.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Generally, standard homeowner’s insurance covers wind and hail damage. This means that you should be able to recover compensation for any hail damage your home sustains.

Unfortunately, even if your policy covers hail damage, getting your policy to pay out is rarely ever easy.

What challenges might I face when filing a claim?

If your house or car suffered damage in a hail storm, you will need to file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. Your insurance company will likely conduct an investigation to assess the damage to your property.

Once the insurer has completed an evaluation, it will determine whether to cover your damages. Unfortunately, insurers will often fight you every step of the way, claiming one of the following as a way to pay you less or nothing at all:

  • Filing too late: Many insurers reject hail damage claims because the property owner waited too long to file the claim.
  • Failure to document the damage: After a hail storm, property owners should make sure to properly document the damage by taking pictures and itemizing before starting the repair and clean-up process. Failure to do this may result in a denial of your claim.
  • Policy does not cover damage: Insurers will claim that the policy does not cover hail damage. Unless you have an in-depth knowledge of insurance law or you read every single page of your policy word-for-word, you will likely have trouble fighting this argument.
  • Damage from another source: In some cases, particularly those without proper documentation, insurance companies claim that the damage to the property did not occur as a result of the hail storm.
  • No damage noted: An insurance adjuster might note that no damage occurred at all.

Fighting these claims is difficult without an in-depth knowledge of insurance law and how insurance companies operate. Our team has insider knowledge of the tricks insurers pull to pay you as little as possible. Our decades of experience and insider knowledge allow us to fight back against these claims and get our clients the compensation they need.

What can I recover?

Hail storms can cause devastating damages and cost families thousands of dollars as a result. If your insurance company pays for your damages, you may go forward with your repairs without issue. However, a more likely scenario is that your insurer will deny some or all of your damages. In that case, you and your attorney will have to file a claim against your insurer to recover compensation. This compensation may include:

  • Replacements and repairs
  • Additional Living Expenses (ALE): covers temporary housing, food, and other expenses in cases where the house is uninhabitable after the storm.
  • Debris removal (for some policyholders)
  • Punitive damages for bad faith

What can I do to recover damages?

Recovering the policy you are due is rarely easy. If your insurance company denied or lowballed your claim, you have a few options:

Seek another estimate:

If the insurance company’s adjuster lowballs you, you may need to appeal the estimate. You can do this by seeking additional estimates from experienced, unbiased third-party contractors.

If the insurance company’s contractor and your contractors can come to an understanding about the scope of loss, you may be able to recover all the damages you need to make your repairs.

Note: This is often not as easy as it sounds.

Review the policy and collect all documentation:

Make sure that carefully you review your policy and take photos of the scene before doing any repairs. Take additional photos and save receipts of any repairs you complete.

Be aware of insurance company negligence:

Insurance companies who unnecessarily delay your claim or fail to conduct a thorough investigation can be liable for bad faith.

Speak to an attorney:

If your insurer has lowballed or denied your claim, speak with a Fort Lauderdale hail damage claims lawyer.

We can work with contractors and other experts to complete an accurate valuation of the damages. We can also help review your policy to help clarify exactly what it covers. If we find the insurer is acting in bad faith, we will hold it accountable for you.

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After a hail storm, you may have a difficult time recovering damages from your insurance company. Coffey Trial Law is ready to fight your insurance company head on. With the help of a qualified attorney, you may have a much better chance at recovering the damages you need to fix your home or car.

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