Storm Damage Insurance Claims Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale

Mother Nature can rear her ugly head at any time, and the resulting damage to your personal property can be devastating. And dealing with the aftermath of storms and other naturally occurring events is often a frustrating and difficult process. Worse than that, dealing with your insurance company can be even more stressful. It is not uncommon for large insurance firms to give you the run-around and try to lessen the benefits it owes you by exploiting a loophole in your policy you did not know existed.

While understanding your policy and all that it covers is highly important, you may find that you still need help to collect a fair payout when storm damage occurs to your home or property. A storm damage insurance claims lawyer in Fort Lauderdale at Coffey Trial Law can fight for you and help you get the money you need. Call today: 954-541-3194.

Does your insurance policy cover storm damage?

Having homeowner’s insurance is important to keep you and your family financially secure in the event that catastrophe strikes. But what exactly does your policy cover?

Believe it or not, your policy does not cover all types of storm damage. In fact, for certain types of storm damage, you may need to purchase an entirely different policy altogether.

Here is a list of some of the most common types of storm damage that could happen to your home or property:

Lightning Strikes

Thunderstorms are not uncommon in South Florida, and the resulting damage from lightning strikes could cause you significant loss. A powerful lightning strike can cause a power surge, frying all of your electronic devices, or even lead to fire or smoke damage to your home.

Typically, your homeowner’s insurance will cover damage related to fire or smoke and, in some cases, power surges as well. However, coverage varies from policy to policy.


Homeowner’s insurance policies typically do not cover earthquake damage. A separate policy will likely be necessary to protect you and your property against a devastating earthquake.

Heavy Winds

Hurricanes and tornadoes can cause powerful winds that damage your roof or the sides of your home. Some winds are even strong enough to blow over trees that could land on your home, your car, or other property.

Insurance policies typically cover damage caused by wind-driven rain and will even cover destruction caused by fallen trees, provided you can prove that the wind caused the tree to fall.


No standard homeowner’s insurance policy covers you against flood damage. Regardless of how a flood occurs, you will need to purchase separate flood insurance to protect you from severe water damage caused by flooding.

Why Filing a Claim May Not Get You the Money You Need

Even if a storm causes significant damage to your home, you may have trouble getting a fair payout of benefits from your insurance company.

Again, this is why it is so important to understand exactly what your benefits are and how your insurance company will pay them out based on what damage has occurred. These are some of the common problems that homeowners can face when trying to file a claim:

  • The insurance company disputes your claim based on a loophole or vague wording in your policy.
  • The insurance company lowballs the valuation of damage to your home and other expenses you incur, such as overnight stays, car rentals, or expenses to have trees and other debris removed.
  • The insurance company argues over its “duty to defend” based on what damage occurred to your home and property and what your policy specifically covers you against.

To prevent an insurance company from taking advantage of you, always make it a point to understand as much of your policy as you can so you will be aware of what your policy covers explicitly.

Another tip to keep in mind is to take any appropriate measures that may help prevent or lessen any damage done to your home by a storm. Get rid of unnecessary trees that may fall onto your home and keep your roof and siding properly maintained.

Being prepared can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle of fighting over your benefits with your insurance firm.

However, if you still find yourself battling with a stubborn insurance company over money you are owed after a severe storm, get legal help from Coffey Trial Law.

Call Coffey Trial Law Now To Get The Benefits You Deserve

The attorneys at Coffey Trial Law regularly deal with insurance companies that try to play hardball with their clients. We believe that insurance holders have a few basic rights:

  • The right to a fair settlement
  • The right to appeal delays, denials, and unfair payment offers
  • The right to know why the insurer denied your claim
  • The right to be treated with respect

We help public adjusters, property managers, associated boards, or individual property owners get the highest amount of benefits they deserve after an accident.

We know that damage caused by a storm can destroy your home and leave you feeling helpless. That is why we will never accept any offer that is less than you need to get you and your family’s lives back on track.

We will fight against stubborn insurance firms to make sure they pay you the maximum benefits you deserve under your policy. And we will not charge you a dime unless we win your case.

So call us today and let us help you fix your home or other property damaged by a storm. Call Coffey Trial Law now at 954-541-3194.