How Do I Handle Damage After the Loss from Hurricane Harvey?

Hurricane season has made its presence known this year as the U.S. has now been hit with its second Category 4 hurricane within the past 30 days.  The devastating effects are being felt with both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma as we now begin to pick up the pieces.  Hurricane Harvey has broken many records.  It pummeled Texas and Louisiana dumping 27 trillion gallons of rain in less than one weeks time.  It is also estimated to be the most costly hurricane in history, estimating greater than 75 billion dollars in losses.  It is difficult to even begin to understand how this hurricanes wrath has affected the lives of those involved.  At this point in time, it is essential to begin to pick up the pieces by rebuilding.  Contact Coffey Trial Law when you are ready to start rebuilding; we will be here to help you get the money you deserve from your insurance company when assessing your property damage.  

Safety is the most important aspect to consider right after the hurricane has left the area.  It is essential to remember that there are life-threatening conditions still present.  Downed power lines and downed trees can result in death, long after the hurricanes threat has dissipated.  Therefore, before you go to assess your property damage, make sure that the first responders have cleared the area and stated that it is safe to return home.  

Once you have been cleared to return to your property, it is time to file the Hurricane Harvey Claims.  Hurricane Harvey Claims will help you to regain some of the insurance settlement to rebuild your home.  At this point, as a home owner or landlord you must begin to take pictures of all your property.  It is imperative to document using photos and videos so that the damage may be appropriately assessed.  Documentation is imperative to measure the damage that Hurricane Harvey was responsible for.  The better the documentation, the more likely you will be able to receive close to the value of your property from the insurance company.  In these instances, however, the insurance company may still refuse to provide you with the appropriate amount that your property was worth prior to destruction from Hurricane Harvey, then it is essential you contact Coffey Trial Law so that we can file a Hurricane Harvey Claim and get you the settlement you deserve to rebuild your life.

Once you have photo and video documentation of all the property damage contact the insurance company immediately so that they do not try and state you delayed informing them.  Some insurance companies will try to refuse to pay the claim if you do not report the property damage within a certain timeframe; therefore, it is essential to report as soon as it is safe to do so.  You may also file claims for wind and water loss or property and casualty loss.  After the insurance has been notified they will send an adjuster to take their own pictures and assess the property damage for the insurance company.  Remember, the adjuster works for the insurance company and is there to try to prevent the insurance company from paying the full claim.  If the insurance adjuster does not provide an appropriate estimate for the property damage and losses, then it is essential you contact Coffey Trial Law so that we may file the claim with the insurance company and ensure that you get the settlement that will cover the property damage caused by this hurricane.  

You will be able to rebuild your life.  While it will take a while for things to be restored, it is important to remember that property can be replaced, lives cannot.  Maintaining safety is key in these life-threatening situations.  Contact Coffey Trial Law so that you can begin to restore and rebuild your life today.