How Do I Handle Damage After the Loss?

Hurricane season has come this year with a vengeance and even though the season is just starting to ramp up, if it continues to progress on the same path this could potentially be a very active hurricane season.  With two hurricanes of significant proportion affecting multiple states within the U.S., it can be understood that there is a lot of concern surrounding how to handle the storm damage once the hurricanes have subsided.  Hurricane Irma is the most recent hurricane that made landfall in the U.S.  Hurricane Irma has reeked havoc on Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.  The devastation will continue long after the storm has passed, and it is imperative to be educated on how to handle the damage after the loss.  

After Hurricane Irma has passed, the first thing to remember is that there will be down power lines, down trees and many other obstructions on the roads.  There will be life-threatening conditions outside after the storm, so it is essential to be careful when driving.  Do not drive on the roads until it has been cleared by first responders and they have stated it is safe to travel.  Use caution when inspecting your home for damage.  

Hurricane Irma claims will be the first step to take once initial safety of all family and friends has been established.  Once safety has been assured, then it is imperative to begin assessing the property damage.  At this point in time, it will be essential to document all the damage to your property caused by Hurricane Irma.  Documenting with photos and videos, utilizing your cell phone camera or video camera can be a easy way to document these damages.  However, if you have another camera or video camera those can also be used to document the damages.  The key is to obtain pictures and videos of your property for appropriate and thorough documentation.  The documentation will allow you to provide objective, quantitative information to your insurance company.  If you took pictures prior to the storm, having the before and after pictures to present to your insurance company will help provide to the insurance company the condition that your property was in prior to the storm so that there is not any confusion as to what caused the damage to the property.  

As soon as you have the documentation of the damage to your property, it is then essential to immediately file a claim with your insurance company.  Determining the appropriate claim to file is essential.  Claims may include:  wind and water loss claims or property and casualty loss claims.  Insurance companies will likely try to avoid payment; therefore, it is essential to speak with your attorney to prevent insurance companies from withholding payment.  A lot of insurance companies will require that immediate notification be made by the client to the insurance company in order for payment to be made to the client.  Therefore, as soon as the hurricane has past and it is safe to do so, it will be necessary to take those photos and videos of the property damage associated with Hurricane Irma.  Once the insurance company has been notified that there has been property damage sustained, then they will send an adjuster to the property to evaluate it from their perspective.  The adjuster will inspect the property and determine the severity of the damage caused by Hurricane Irma.  Make sure that you are there with the insurance adjuster so that you are able to point out any and all damage sustained by Hurricane Irma, so that all property damage will be documented.  The adjuster works for the insurance company, and so their main goal will be to reduce the claim amount to lower than the valued damage.  If the adjuster is not providing you with an appropriate estimate of what the property damage will actually cost to fix, then it is in the best interest of the client to obtain an attorney so that they can help the client receive the amount appropriate to fix their property damage.  Contact the insurance claims attorneys at Coffey Trial Law to help you with the claims process and ensure you are being treated fairly by the insurance company. Coffey Trial Law will evaluate your individual case and determine the next steps that must be taken to ensure you will receive the payout you deserve to fix your property damage.

After Hurricane Irma has passed, the destruction left behind will take months to clean up.  It has been a destructive storm that will affect the lives of many for the near future.  It is imperative to protect yourself and your family, by rebuilding your life.  Contact Coffey Trial Law, and allow the attorneys within this group to help you rebuild your life after Hurricane Irma has left its wrath behind.  By contacting Coffey Trial Law, you can get the insurance settlement you deserve and begin rebuilding your life.