Sam Coffey, Esq., Works with NBC6 to Find Eyewitnesses in Tragic Brain Injury Accident

Mom: “I Want to Know What Happened to My Daughter”

Stephanie Goodrich

Family of Stephanie Goodrich, a young woman who was seriously injured in a biking accident, is looking for answers to solve the case


Mar 18, 2011

A mother is pleading for help after her daughter was hit during a bike ride in Fort Lauderdale last month.

On Friday, February 18, 35-year-old Stephanie Goodrich was routinely training for a triathlon when she was sideswiped by a Saturn while crossing the A1A and Hibiscus Avenue intersection.

“He was not cited,” said the Goodrich’s attorney, Samuel Coffey, of the driver, “should he have been? We think Stephanie had the right of way. We believe she had an unobstructed path of traffic. He shouldn’t have turned in front of her, but he might not have seen her.”

The accident left the tri-lingual Stanford graduate with an MBA from Duke with severe brain damage; due to swelling, part of her brain was removed, as well.

“I have had various stories,” Stephanie’s mother, Jean Goodrich said, “she hit the car, the car hit her. I want to know what happened to my daughter.” Goodrich said she just wants answers and is asking for eyewitnesses to come forward to bring justice to a woman who was badly injured.

Stephanie has come out of her coma, but will be undergoing extensive physical therapy to learn to walk and talk again.

The Goodrich family is asking locals and the media for help to resolve this case.

“She is a wonderful daughter who grew up to be my best friend,” said Jean, “and I want my best friend back. They just tell me it is going to take a long time.”



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