Zofran Birth Defect Lawsuit

Coffey Trial Law is now investigating and accepting cases involving Zofran birth defects. Zofran (ondansetron), is a medication that is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to be prescribed to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy to combat symptoms of nausea asdociated with therapy. This medicine has also been prescribed “off-label” by … Continue reading “Zofran Birth Defect Lawsuit”

Sunrise Man Loses Sense of Smell after Taking Cold Medicine, Suit Alleges

By Rafael A. Olmeda | South Florida Sun Sentinel 7:17 PM EDT, June 22, 2009  SUNRISE – There are serious consequences to losing your sense of smell, but those aren’t the things Frederick Schaffer really misses. He misses the smell outside Cinnabon when he’s walking through the mall. And a really good cup of coffee. And … Continue reading “Sunrise Man Loses Sense of Smell after Taking Cold Medicine, Suit Alleges”

Negligent Maintenance – $385,000 GROSS VERDICT

Premises Liability – Negligent Maintenance – Negligent closure of handicapped restroom stalls – Fall down – Femur fracture – Internal fixation – 20% comparative negligence found.  Broward County, FL The plaintiff alleged that the defendant condominium association created a dangerous condition by negligently blocking access to the handicapped bathroom stalls on its premises. As a … Continue reading “Negligent Maintenance – $385,000 GROSS VERDICT”