TK v. Night Club

Confidential Settlement, gunshot, jaw fracture, negligent security.

TK was used as a “human shield” by a nightclub promoter when a patron wielding a handgun leveled it at the promoter and fired. TK is a female of average build and the promoter is a male 6’5” tall who in a cowardly act pulled TK in front of him to avoid being shot. She was shot in the face with a small caliber weapon that exited by her ear after destroying her lower jaw on the left side and several teeth. TK was rushed to Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital where she had extensive reconstructive surgery including the placement metal plates to put her jaw back together.

The perpetrator of the crime was never caught. TK asked Sam Coffey to help and he filed suit obtaining a substantial recovery on her behalf. The defendant’s demanded confidentiality as to the amount of the settlement as well as their identities.

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