What is Negligent Security?

So negligent security, what is negligent security and can you make a claim for recovery for negligent security? Often times people get hurt in large shopping centers are big commercial properties and if they do and if the defendant did not have proper security measures in place they may be responsible for your injuries. Yes, the guy that caused the accident, the person that mugged you, they’re responsible to but the defendant can’t point their finger at that person, but if that has a duty to warn you about problems in the property. Other crimes that occurred on the property itself or near the property within a couple of years before and also a duty to keep the property safe. That may be a requirement, they have a security guard, it may be security cameras that may be both if you’ve been a victim of a crime in a commercial property contact a lawyer immediately who focuses on and practices the area of negligent security to see if they can help you.

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