What Happens After a Car Crash

So, your car has been in a crash and it’s been severely damaged what happens next. You can either get the car repaired through your own insurance company or through the other person’s insurance company. First, it will be appraised. Then it will be either repaired or totaled. If it’s repaired through your own insurance … Continue reading “What Happens After a Car Crash”

David vs Goliath

After an accident, you’re injured, you can’t work, and your family suffers. First you’re broken and then you’re broke. The insurance company who represents the guy in the other side that caused the accident is there to crush you, unfortunately. That’s for Coffey Trial Law comes in. We bring to the equation a team to … Continue reading “David vs Goliath”

Cancer-causing chemical found in over 70 popular sunscreen products, reports say

HOUSTON – A recent report says dozens of popular sunscreens contain a chemical called benzene. Benzene is not a normal ingredient in sunscreen. The group that did the testing, Valisure, says it’s in 78 different products and it is linked to cancer. In 2019, a different study made headlines claiming sunscreen is absorbed into the … Continue reading “Cancer-causing chemical found in over 70 popular sunscreen products, reports say”

Benzene, a Known Carcinogen, Was Found in 78 Batches of These Popular Sunscreen and After-Sun Products

Heads up before you prep your skin for the beach this holiday weekend. An independent laboratory is calling on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to issue a recall after detecting benzene, a known human carcinogen, in 78 batches of sunscreen and after-sun products. In a “citizen petition” filed May 24, Valisure LLC said … Continue reading “Benzene, a Known Carcinogen, Was Found in 78 Batches of These Popular Sunscreen and After-Sun Products”

Visions & Values

We founded Coffey Trial Law to help people just like you. People that have been involved in an accident who need direction. You’d answer some of the pressing questions they have. They’re frustrated, they don’t know where to turn to. Personal injury law is very complicated insurance companies design their defense of these claims to … Continue reading “Visions & Values”

Opioid Abuse

Opioid abuse is a severe problem in America today. Here at Coffey Trial Law, we have brought successful claims against the big pharmacies of our country such as CVS, Target, and Walgreens. If you have a loved one or know somebody who has died of opioid abuse contact the Coffey Trial Law team today.

Acting in Good Faith

There’s an implied duty of good faith and fair dealing and every insurance policy. The insurance company has a duty to act in good faith to protect their insured. This duty includes tendering the policy limits on an insurance policy to the injured party when liability is clear and damages exceed the policy limits if … Continue reading “Acting in Good Faith”

Negligent Security

Negligent security cases involve, unfortunately, a person being injured due to a criminal attacker usually in a commercial property. Commercial property owners are responsible for having security guards, lighting and cameras to keep you safe when you use the property. Unfortunately, if property owner doesn’t have these measures in place, you can get injured or … Continue reading “Negligent Security”